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Bespoke Furniture

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Dark Wood Panels


Meet the Maker

Hello and welcome to Cambium and Heartwood. My name is Samuel Brilz and I love to build things, but before we jump into furniture design lets look at why I'm even here to begin withI have always been a creator. Starting from when I was young, I would build and design using whatever I had around me. I continued to hone my skills as I grew older, taking courses in CAD and free-hand design. Through this I found that the loose nature of a sketch is where most of my ideas flourish. But then in my mid 20's I set all of that off to the side, got a job in an unrelated field and watched time tick by.

Now 2022, 10 years have passed and over this time my outlook has been flipped. Mainly thanks to meeting my wife who is one of those people that always knew what she wanted to be and in fact grew up to be just that. At first I admit this was a little frustrating but it led me to reflect on why I had not done the same. I had no excuse, but also realized that I had never actually stopped designing. Once I recognized this I started letting it consume more and more of my time until one day I decided to dive all the way in and enrolled in a furniture design and building school halfway round the world. This was 2019 and long story short it felt like home.

Now school complete and back home in Idaho, I built a small home shop and started taking design requests. I quickly found myself in the situation of too much to do and too little time. But hey, I'm enjoying every minute. 


My designs are influenced mainly by historical architecture and nature. Looking at what remains of previous cultures, some buildings still standing a thousand years later, some in many pieces or buried long forgotten, I always wondered why. Why there, why then, was it built to fill a need or just desire. Maybe it simply was the best way to stack rocks. For an even more wondrous puzzle I need only walk outside. Now, as way back then, our world is shaped by the nature that surrounds us, and as it should for we exist within it. But for all we have made we hold not a single candle to a leaf on a tree or a blade of grass.   with the end goal being to create something that continues to evolve throughout the build process. 



Boise, Idaho


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